Vulnerable Clients

In respect of the trading products that Gildencrest Limited (Gildencrest) offers, Gildencrest considers any Financial Vulnerability to be any trading behavior that may put you or your family at Financial or Physical risk (this also includes your Mental Health) example:

  • You are investing more money than you can afford to lose
  • Using money that should be spent for household expenses (Paying for Food, Gas, Electricity, or other Utility Bills etc)
  • Taking out Pay Day Loans or borrowing money from unofficial sources (loan sharks)
  • Being distracted from work because you are trading (the quality of your work or focus has gone down, as you are constantly watching your trades)
  • Forgoing your normal day to day, so you can watch your trades
  • Neglecting time with your family to trade
  • Forgetting things as you are distracted with trading
  • Using stress medication or anti-depressants to cope with trading
  • Feeling suicidal when trading

What should you do if you’re feeling Vulnerable?

If you’re in any one of the above situations, or just feeling vulnerable or at risk, because of your trading with Gildencrest Limited, you should contact us immediately at or contact us via our contact us page.
We can suspend your account temporarily and restrict your trading so that you can seek help, or we can close your account down permanently (any of the actions will be at your request).

Help you can obtain:

Knowing when you’re feeling financially vulnerable can be hard or even hard to admit, Gildencrest Limited is committed to helping you in the best way possible, without any fear or negative judgment.

Essentially, getting you the help that you need will be our focus, no matter where you are or the country in which you are in, we will aim to put you in touch with the relevant support services, so that you can get the help you need.

You should not put yourself in any Financial or Physical (this includes Mental) harm just because of trading.

Support services that are available to those in the UK can be found below:

Mind– is a Mental Health charity which aims at providing advice and support to those with Mental Health problems

Samaritans– is a charity aimed at providing emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope or at risk of suicide throughout the UK or Ireland

National Debt Line– is a free confidential debt advice service you can speak to, its website also offers free debt advice tools

Step Change- A debt management charity which provides fee free advice on debt management, helping you to tackle your debts